Bureau Veritas 8th International Food Conference 2019 7th of November 2019 | Copenhagen

Solutions for Global Sustainability – Moving into a Digital Smartworld

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Bureau Veritas' International Food Conference in Copenhagen has become a strong tradition gathering food professionals from all parts of the supply chain. The topic of 2019: “Solutions for Global Sustainability – Moving into a Digital Smartworld” will cover several up-to-the-minute topics like sustainable supply chain management, animal welfare and new opportunities with digital solutions.  

Become updated on the latest development, get inspired by top-class food companies and strengthen your professional network - welcome to Bureau Veritas' 8th International Food Conference!

Presentations at "Solutions for Global Sustainability – Moving into a Digital Smartworld"

Digitalizing the iconic IKEA meatballs – the digital journey at IKEA Food by Ann-Louise Ingvarson, Global Quality Manager, IKEA Food Service and Anna-Karin Norén, Food Safety Leader, IKEA Food Services  

Food has been an important part of IKEA from the beginning and the first IKEA Restaurant opened in 1959, only a year after the first IKEA store opened. The IKEA meatballs are a true IKEA icon and as Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA’s Founder said: “You can´t do business on an empty stomach.”  

More than a billion people visit the IKEA stores annually and 680 million people enjoy the IKEA food offer in 430 stores in 52 markets. Reaching all those people globally is both an opportunity and a great responsibility and the company strives to live up to that responsibility.  

IKEA creates food based on the five Democratic Design principles, the same criteria used in any IKEA product development: Function, form, quality, sustainability and low price. IKEA wants to inspire to a healthier and more sustainable eating and lifestyles and have become obsessed with developing delicious, affordable, healthy and sustainable food. Simply better food for people and the planet to support and influence a positive change. 

Digital technologies will play a vital role at IKEA Food in the coming years.. Ann-Louise Ingvarson and Anna-Karin Norén will share the digital journey within IKEA Food on a global level - both regarding ongoing and future projects, developed food safety trainings as well as implemented technology to achieve and monitor food waste reduction. 

A Quality Journey paved with Food Safety and Quality Culture by Anna-Karin Wahlgren, Group Quality Director, Lantmännen Unibake  

Lantmännen Unibake is one of Europe's largest bakery groups with 36 bakeries in 21 countries. Serving more than 60 markets around the world it is a global leader in frozen and fresh bakery products for retail and food service markets.  

Lantmännen Unibake is controlling the entire value chain from farm until the bakery goods end up on a plate, and the company is taking responsibility every step of the way with trust, care and respect. This includes ensuring the integrity of the raw materials, reducing the environmental footprint and providing safe, high-quality products.  

Lantmännen Unibake is part of Lantmännen – one of Europe's largest groups within the energy, machinery, agriculture and food sectors – owned by 25,000 Swedish farmers. 10,000 employees in more than 20 countries are creating an annual turnover of EUR 4 billion. Anna-Karin Wahlgren will give insights about how food safety and quality culture are linked to the Quality Strategy at Lantmännen and tell more about the quality journey the company has been – and still is – travelling. This includes standardized processes, digitalization and Systematic Problem Solving (from minor to critical).  

The future is circular! – Developing the food packaging of tomorrow today by Camilla Haustrup Hermansen, Director of Business Development, Plus Pack  

Plus Pack is a family owned food packaging company with 230 employees and production in Denmark and Belgium. 1.4 billion products are being sold to 1,200 clients in 54 countries generating a yearly turnover of DKK 600 million (EUR 80 million).  

Sustainability has always been a main focus for Plus Pack. “The drive to make a difference” was the motto from 1914 by the founder, N. J. Haustrup included the positive development for customers, employees, suppliers and the local community and it has been adopted – an innovated - by the 4th Haustrup generation, Camilla Haustrup Hermansen and her brother, CEO Anders Top Haustrup.  

Plus Pack has integrated the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in their business model to unite sustainability and new business opportunities.  

Camilla Haustrup Hermansen is involved in developing a common European Plastic Pact in 2020 together with representatives from other EU governments, the EU Commission, private companies and NGOs. She has recently been awarded the Plastic Prize 2019 by the Danish Plastics Federation for taking responsibility for more sustainable plastic food packaging and she is an active participant in the plastics debate both nationally and internationally. Plus Pack contributed to the Danish Government’s plastics action plan “Plastics without waste” as well as the innovative Danish design manual that promote circular plastic packaging for private households. Plus Pack has also been awarded the prestigious WorldStar Awards by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO) for two years in a row.  

The digital road to becoming the leading travel retailer of tomorrow by Mélanie Guilldou, Executive VP Foodservice Global, Lagardère Travel Retail  

Lagardère Travel Retail is a global leader in the travel retail industry operating over 4.600 stores across Travel Essentials, Duty Free & Fashion and Foodservice in airports, railway stations and other concessions in 38 countries worldwide generating a yearly revenue of EUR 4.9 billion. The Foodservice is covering 1,000 outlets, 120 airports and 180 railway & metro stations in 22 countries generating a yearly revenue of EUR 1 billion. Lagardère Travel Retail is a part of Lagardère Group with a yearly revenue of EUR 7.3 billion. 

Lagardère Travel Retail has implemented strong innovative solutions to ease the customer journey, but also the internal operation of the foodservice has been digitalized. For each of its outlets, food health and safety is checked daily using SAFEOPS, a new digital tool to help manage food safety and operations. The entire process from delivery by the supplier until the finished product is handed over to the consumer is monitored.  

The tablet application of SAFEOPS makes it possible to perform easy and quick daily checks and consolidate data on a real-time basis. In addition to saving time, this solution allows staff to trace, consolidate and use data. Automatic data archiving allows for more reliable traceability and quick identification of potential risks in order to take corrective action as swiftly as possible. Following a test phase during 2018, the solution will be implemented at all subsidiaries by the end of 2019.  

External audits are also carried out by Bureau Veritas, which performs hygiene checks on two levels – local and international – of raw materials, finished products and equipment. 17 countries was audited at Lagardère Travel Retail for food safety and hygiene in 2019.  

Animal welfare is creating human welfare by Britta Riis, President for Eurogroup for Animals and Director for Dyrenes Beskyttelse  

Eurogroup for Animals is the only pan-European animal advocacy organization uniting and amplifying the voices of over 60 national and international animal protection organisations across Europe, the US and Australia. 

The organization drives positive change by working with members to identify common goals and coordinate EU-wide action to influence laws and policies that offer higher standards of animal protection. Concrete results are delivered through dedicated programmes and a strategic approach to campaigning and advocacy based on scientific knowledge and technical expertise.  

Dyrenes Beskyttelse (Animal Protection) is a voluntary association, which is mainly funded by private funds. A network of volunteers throughout Denmark are taking care of animal rescue, animal ambulances and homes for animals. The brand "Anbefalet af Dyrenes Beskyttelse” (Recommended by Animal Protection) is a consumer guide to products with a high level of animal welfare. Food producers are audited by Bureau Veritas before they are approved to use the brand.  

Learn more about how you can include animal welfare in your future strategy.  

At the tail of the salmon: Digital traceability in the aquaculture, by Kristine Evensen, Brand Director, Mowi

Mowi is the world's largest producer of farmed salmon, both by volume and revenue, offering seafood products to approximately 70 countries world-wide. Mowi is represented in 25 countries, employing 14 537 people and generating a revenue of 3.8 billion Euro. Mowi is yearly farming more than 375,000 tons of salmon in Norway, Scotland, Canada, Chile, Ireland and the Faroe Islands, and has full control of the product from breeding, feed, farming, processing and sales. Mowi is providing customers with 6.4 million meals a day. Mowi’s vision is leading the blue revolution. They are doing so by being in the forefront of sustainability and new technology to constantly improve their processes and ways of farming salmon. Their ambition is to provide high quality salmon produced in the most sustainable way. To convey this message to consumers, Mowi has opened up their value chain and made it possible for consumers to trace their salmon product all the way back to the very beginning. Today, as the only salmon producer in the world, Mowi has full traceability from breed to feed - through the full value chain until it reaches your plate.  

"We want to open up and show our entire value chain. In our experience this is important to the consumers in all markets. People want to know more, and we want to give them access to the information so that they easily can see what we do and how we operate. We have developed different tools in order to show how we care for our salmon, which can easily be accessed through a QR code", says Kristine Evensen.  

Sustainable development and growth by Jacob Færgemand, Country Chief Executive, Bureau Veritas Nordics  

Jacob Færgemand is part of the development of new global food standards through his engagement in International Organization for Standardization (ISO). He will give an introduction to the theme of the day and an overview in global food safety trends.  

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Food and beverage manufacturers, processors, raw materials and ingredients suppliers, retailers, universities, authorities and food trade associations with the following responsibilities: Safety , Sustainability , Quality Assurance , Quality and Safety Control , Food Risk Management, Regulatory Affairs, HACCP (Hazard and Critical Control Points), Food Technology/New Technology, Microbiology, Traceability and Labelling and Research